How to Calculate Pip Value of Cross-Currencies in Forex

2024/3/4 12:30:17

In the dynamic world of Forex trading, understanding how to calculate the pip value of cross-currencies is fundamental for managing risk and optimizing profitability. Unlike the more straightforward calculation of pip values for major currency pairs, where the USD is either the base or the quote currency, cross-currency pairs (those not involving the USD) require a few more steps for accurate computation. This article will guide you through the process of calculating pip values for cross-currencies, an essential skill for any Forex trader.

Understanding Pips in Forex Trading

A "pip" stands for "percentage in point" and represents the smallest price move that a currency pair can make. For most currency pairs, a pip is equivalent to a movement of 0.0001 in the exchange rate, except for pairs involving the Japanese yen (JPY), where a pip corresponds to a 0.01 movement.

The Importance of Calculating Pip Value

Calculating the pip value of your trades is crucial because it allows you to manage risk effectively. Knowing the pip value helps traders determine how much money per pip they will gain or lose for each trade, enabling precise position sizing and risk management strategies.

Calculating Pip Value for Cross-Currencies

The calculation of pip value for cross-currencies involves an additional step compared to pairs that include the USD. This is because the value of a pip must first be converted to USD or the account currency before the value can be determined. Here is a step-by-step guide to calculating pip value for cross-currencies:

Step 1: Identify the Currency Pair and the Exchange Rate

Let's say you are trading the EUR/GBP pair, and you want to calculate the pip value in USD. First, note the current exchange rate for EUR/GBP and the exchange rate for GBP/USD, as you will need these rates for the calculation.

Step 2: Calculate the Pip Value in the Quote Currency

For most pairs, the pip value is fixed at 0.0001 for the quote currency. Therefore, for a standard lot of 100,000 units of currency, the pip value is 10 units of the quote currency. For pairs involving the JPY, the pip value for a standard lot is 1000 yen.

Example Calculation:

For the EUR/GBP pair, assuming a standard lot and a pip value of 0.0001, the pip value in GBP is calculated as:Pip Value in GBP=0.0001×100,000=10?GBP\text{Pip Value in GBP} = 0.0001 \times 100,000 = 10 \, \text{GBP}

Step 3: Convert the Pip Value to USD

Next, you need to convert the pip value from GBP to USD using the GBP/USD exchange rate. Assume the GBP/USD rate is 1.3000.

Pip Value in USD=10?GBP×1.3000=13?USD\text{Pip Value in USD} = 10 \, \text{GBP} \times 1.3000 = 13 \, \text{USD}

Therefore, for a standard lot trade of EUR/GBP, each pip movement is worth $13 USD.

Additional Considerations

  • Leverage: When using leverage, the actual amount at risk can be much higher than the pip value suggests. Leverage magnifies both gains and losses.

  • Account Currency: If your trading account is in another currency, you will need to convert the USD pip value to your account currency using the relevant exchange rate.

  • Lot Size: Adjust the calculation based on your lot size. For a mini lot (10,000 units), divide the standard lot pip value by 10. For a micro lot (1,000 units), divide by 100.


Understanding how to calculate the pip value of cross-currencies is a critical skill for Forex traders, enabling effective risk management and informed trading decisions. By following the steps outlined in this guide, traders can accurately assess the potential risk and reward for each trade, regardless of the currency pairs they are dealing with. As the Forex market continues to evolve, mastering such fundamental concepts remains key to achieving long-term success in trading.

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